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Our SEO services are designed to deliver long term results

We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all approach and, therefore, tailor a customised SEO solution that can help you achieve desired results, no matter how competitive your industry is.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is definitely amongst the cornerstones of your digital marketing. We are going to ensure that you get the most out of your PPC campaigns by increasing the quality and volumes of traffic and decreasing the amount you pay per click.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We offer SEO which is much more than just Search Engine Ranking. We are going to optimize your entire business and make in much more efficient.

Web Design

Our intention is to create a unique while at the same time highly engaging design. The purpose of our websites is to achieve actionable and measurable results.


We can get you the results you are looking for!

We are a company that strives for results. With this in mind, we are here to let you know that we won’t stop until we reach the agreed upon results and achievements. We believe in an integrated approach which is designated to properly enhance your enterprise and further your online presence. We are going to make sure that everything that we’ve set out to do for you is promptly accomplished. Furthermore, we are going to go the extra mile and make sure that every single thing that could have been tweaked or adjusted is properly taken care of. We believe in the whole-house approach and with this in mind you can count on us to deliver nothing short of excellence. We don’t just optimize your website, we are going to optimize your entire business in order to provide you with better results, increased revenues and strong online presence.

Our sole intention is to cater to every single requirement that you have and that’s why we undertake a strongly personalized and individualized approach to every single customer of ours. This is the only way we can ensure the top notch quality of our services. We are going to tailor the solution that’s perfect for you!

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Our SEO strategy includes

Business Analysis
We will conduct a comprehensive business analysis to determine what your current position is and to get a glimpse at your competition. It is through obtaining the right information that we would be able to help you out.

Opportunity Discovery
The research that we conduct is going to provide us with the right opportunities. Once we discover them, we would make sure to take full advantage of each one of them.

We are going to take every necessary step to properly optimize your website. This is going to help us ensure the best results.

Competitors Analysis
This is one of the most important steps that we’d undertake. Knowing where you stand amongst your competitors is going to inform us what we are up against and how to handle it and stand on top of them.

Content Strategy/Development
We are going to make sure that we deploy the most effective content strategy. This is done by continuous and careful development and planning.

Technical SEO
Ensuring both on and off-page SEO is going to provide us with the chance to increase your ranking as quickly as possible so you could enjoy your newly found traffic.

Social Strategy/Implementation
We are going to take a whole-house approach and employ the most effective social strategy. This is going to allow us to strengthen your online presence and raise your brand awareness.

Accurate Measurement
We use proper metrics in order to identify soft spots and emphasize on them. Furthermore, this provides us with the chance of perfect troubleshooting and alteration of approaches.

Monitoring Ranking
We are going to be monitoring your ranking closely in order to stay tuned with the latest alterations. That’s’ going to provide us with an opportunity to react quickly in emergency situations.

Reputation Management
Managing high reputation is of great importance. We are going to implement a series of techniques to make sure that your reputation remains intact and keeps on growing with your business.

Brand Awareness
We are going to make sure that your brand is properly recognizable by a wide range of different people. Through proper brand awareness, we are going to turn your enterprise in a well-known presence.

Building Authority
Ensuring the authority of your brand is our main priority. This is the only way you can become a reputable online presence and that’s what we are going to help you out with.

Seo company india

We don’t just optimise your website, we optimise your business.

Our SEO campaigns do not set out to only increase your ranking. While this is a priority that’s definitely going to drive more organic and targeted traffic to your website and business, it’s far from being our only intention. We are going to ensure that your business grows which means that we aim for proper conversion optimization in order to make that newly found traffic actually buy your products or use your services.

We are going to implement all the right methodologies in order to make your brand recognizable. Our intention is to turn you into the go-to solution of your user and client-base so that you can have their thorough and undeniable loyalty – something that’s going to yield long term results instead of short-term and unstable growths.

Our intention is to undertake a whole-house approach. This means that we are going to focus on optimizing your entire enterprise and business instead of just boosting your web presence and establishing you as an authority. We are going to do everything within our reach in order to properly enhance your revenues, increase your sales and achieve the highest conversion rate optimization possible. Our team is consisted of highly skilled professionals which are amongst the best in the industry and are fully capable of properly strengthening and enhancing your.

Our Business Model

Outsourcing your project normally means that you might come across quality as well as turnaround time related issues. SEO India is the company that’s going to help you solve these problems, bridging the offshore team and you and providing you with thorough assistance and professional services along the way.

Our onshore strategic planning means that you would get the work done in your local hours and avoid any kind of communication gap. Furthermore, you can rest assured that local quality is guaranteed. We can also schedule face to face meetings as per your demand.

Offshore execution means that we are going to be able to provide you with high quality work while remaining the cost effective and affordable. We have established working relationships with highly skilled professional and provide online as well as on call support.

Onshore strategic planning & management

We are going to properly map out the course of action together through our careful onshore strategic planning & management process. This is going to ensure the overall hassle-free journey.

Face to face meetings

There is no better way of communication. Throughout our onshore strategic management process we are going to meet in person and discuss the most important issues of the day whenever it’s necessary.

No language barriers

Outsourcing usually means that you have to deal with tremendous language barriers. However, SEO India and its comprehensive onshore planning take care of that. You will be communicating with local experts for your convenience.

Working local hours

Even though we offer outsourcing solutions, our onshore planning team is going to be working during your local hours. This ensures a lot of comfort and the convenience you need to have in-person meetings.

No communication gap

We believe that proper communication is the way to go. With this in mind, you can rest assured that the communication gap is not going to be a factor.

Local quality assurance

We take care of most people’s concerns regarding the quality of the outsourced work. With this in mind, you can expect nothing short of excellence and local quality.

Offshore Execution

Your web solutions are going to be outsourced to a team of professional developers and designers. This way we can provide you with top notch quality at a reasonable price.

Cost effective solution

Outsourcing your work would allow us to keep the rates relatively low in comparison. This is without a doubt the most cost-efficient solution.

High quality work

We work with renowned and certified professionals with years of experience in the respective field. This is what’s going to ensure the top-notch quality of the service.

Online/On call support

We offer both on call and online support so that you can take your pick based on your own preference. We are here to deliver nothing short of excellence and customer support is part of it.

Dedicated, long term & Consistent

You can expect long term consistency and dedication from our staff. We are highly motivated and professional to provide you with the solution that you’ve been looking for.

Why Choose Us?

We develop a personal relationship with all of our clients. You’ll always be able to call or email us with any questions or ideas you might have.

No Contracts

You don’t have to worry about the binding legal powers of contracts as payments could be processed without signing one.


We are going to keep you posted regarding every single step of the way. We believe in absolute transparency and that’s the only approach that we’d take.

Proven track record

We’ve a proven track record of properly executed projects and a whole lot of customers to show for it. Just check our testimonials.

Industry Expert

We have a leading team of specialists which are amongst the best in the industry. This is going to ensure the top notch quality.

Results Driven

We settle for nothing short of excellence. We won’t stop until the results that we’ve agreed upon are thoroughly reached.

Custom ReportingWe can agree upon different reporting schemes so that you are well aware of every single step of the process.


Our services are amongst the most affordable on the market. This is because we want to ensure that they are accessed by as many people as it’s possible.

Personal Communication

You are going to be communicating with real people who are working on your particular project. We take customized and personalized approach towards every single client.

Available 24/7 Including weekends and public holidays

We are going to be available at your convenience. Our customer support works tirelessly in order to make sure that everything you demand is catered to.

Best practice approach – long term results

We make sure to take the bespoke approach as this is the only way we can ensure top notch quality. This has proven to be effective so far.

What our customers are saying

If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

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“We’ve been provided with tons of quality leads ever since we took the leap of faith and hired”


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“Being a recurrent customer of we are once again absolutely satisfied and appreciative of the top notch quality of services that the company has provided us with.”


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